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About Us

We recognise that early stage high growth companies are often under resourced and don’t necessarily have the time or expertise to set up, manage and control overseas operations, and still properly stay on top of their domestic duties. Traditional external advisors are all focused on their area of expertise (payroll, tax accounting, HR) but not on the needs of the business. Often advice can be expensive or conflicting between different advisors. We manage all these relationships to provide a single point of accountability irrespective of time zone and location.

So how are we different?

  • We have a team of highly-talented and qualified professionals, with a wealth experience at affordable prices.Unlike other accountants and advisors we all come from a commercial background and fully understand the needs of our clients, often because we have been there before!
  • We provide a one-stop service for all international accounting, payroll, tax and statutory compliance matters.With us, you will avoid conflicting advice from multiple overseas providers. We provide you with a single point of accountability. Having set up clients in several countries, we will save you time and money associated with finding and managing multiple service providers, help you avoid common pitfalls and empower you to focus on executing your strategic plan. Whether it’s assisting with German payroll, understanding Brazilian tax rules or hiring staff in Japan, our dedicated team will get you answers fast and help you extend your international capabilities.
  • We take care of compliance ahead of time. We ensure that you meet deadlines across functions and countries, which minimizes the risk of making a costly mistake.
  • We work with you as a trusted partner. Our goal is to understand your business and your overseas requirements so we can build a long-term relationship. Our focus on international business services and outstanding customer service mean you will receive the attention you deserve and the value you require. We have a vetted, global network of resources and local partners to help us achieve this.

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